Ministry is demonstrating God’s love to others by meeting their needs and healing their hurts in Jesus’ name. The Ministry portfolio seeks to create opportunities for the St Paul’s members to be Christ in flesh. It includes the following ministries which have been active over the past year:

Pastoral Visiting

The pastoral visiting has been taken over by Cynthia Groves, and trust that God will give her His continuous power to minister to our people.

Blue Bucket Scheme

This ministry, run by Bruce Strachan and actively supported by St Paul’s members, provides provisions for families who are struggling financially. On average, 12-15 buckets are distributed per month.

Touch of Care

St Paul’s have been partnering with Touch of Care for the past few years. The home is run by the extremely dedicated directors, Julson and Martha Mkandla, supported by Anita Jacobs and helped by a number of St Paul’s members who are active

Flower Ministry

Family members going through difficult times are greatly encouraged and blessed by the flowers ministry run by Trevor Sillifant who rearranges and distributes flowers from Sunday Services.

Emergency Meals

A team of volunteers provide St Paul’s families with emergency meals during times of hospitalisation, illness or bereavement. Many of us have been blessed by this wonderfully caring ministry.

Prayer Ministry

Dawn Nicholson has kindly taken over the running of the Prayer Chain from Jean White. The Prayer Chain, which comprises 7 prayers, prays for special needs in our church family. Margie Harvey runs the prayer focus ministry which is aimed at encouraging prayerful participation in the life, growth and spiritual development of the church, and has been a great blessing to us every week.

Door of Hope

Hope Village is a place where some of the children from Door of Hope will find their home and become part of the Door of Hope family. Here they will find a community of moms and dads, ‘Aunts’ and ‘Uncles’, ‘cousins’, ‘Grannies’ and ‘Grandpa’s’ to love and cherish them.